Compiler Design Lab

Welcome to the pages of the Compiler Design Lab at Saarland Informatics Campus at Saarland University.


We do research on compilers, programming languages, and program analysis.

Vectorization and Parallelization
  • Whole-Function Vectorization
  • Sierra
  • Sambamba
  • Region Vectorizer
  • SSA Form
  • SSA Construction
  • SSA Register Allocation
  • The LVC Verified Compiler
  • DSLs
  • AnySL
  • AnyDSL
  • Floating-Point Accuracy
  • FpDebug
  • Teaching

    Winter Term 2019

  • Group Seminar
  • Course
  • Unix for Unix/Linux Beginners (in German)
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    BSc/MSc Theses

    If you are interested in a MSc or BSc thesis, please contact Sebastian Hack. We have a variety of topics available. Having passed the compilers core lecture is a plus. Thesis work is regularly discussed in our Bachelor/Master Seminar.